Super Easy Cufflinks for Father’s Day.

A personalised handmade gift in no time!

This is a quick and easy resin project using a craft stamp, ink pad and some left over cured resin.

Paw Print Cufflinks

Step 1: Stamp your image

In this example I have used a Stazon ink pad and stamped the paw print design onto acetate. This fast drying ink is designed for use on plastic and other semi to non porous surfaces. If your stamp slides around on the acetate, gently sand the surface with a very fine grit sandpaper. By stamping onto acetate I can cut out the print and hold it over different backgrounds to see which colours work best.

You can also stamp directly onto cured resin if you wish.


Step 2: Choose your resin background

Using a piece of cured left over resin cut out a square to fit inside the cufflink mount. You can layer the pieces to partially overlap one another to get an interesting effect, transparent colours over opaque colour paste works well.


Cut Out Resin and Paw print

Step 3: Setting the image

Carefully cut 2 holes in some sponge to support both cufflinks. Make sure they sit level so your resin doesn't spill over the sides.

Add a small amount of resin to the base of the cufflink mounts and add the the layers of left over resin. Add a little more resin between each layer to hold them in place.

Dip the printed acetate in resin and place it inside the cufflink mount. This will help prevent air bubbles being trapped under the acetate. Push into position using a tooth pick.

Leave in a warm place to cure overnight.

Elements In Place

Step 4: Finishing coat

Mix some clear enamel using the Standard Resin (ES 8102) with the equivalent Hardener (ES 8203) and slowly top up the cufflink mounts. This resin will give a domed effect slightly magnifying your design. Leave this to cure once more overnight.

These cufflinks take only a short amount of time to make but will take a little time to cure, so be sure to start a couple of days in advance!

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