Angelina Fibres & Fusible Film in Resin

Angelina fibres and Fusible Film are made from a brightly coloured, luminescent material used to embellish hand made items such as jewellery, card crafts and fabrics. When photographing these bright and highly reflective surfaces, it is difficult to capture the brilliance and true colour as it changes when it reflects the light at different angles.

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Angelina Fibre And Film

Using Individual Angelina fibres in Resin:

Angelina fibres are 15 denier synthetic fibres. These fibres can be used as they are to give a glint of colour and sparkle to your design.

  • Add a thin layer of enamel (resin & hardener mix) to the base of your pendant and sprinkle the fibres onto the wet surface. I find cutting them into small pieces works best as the fibres are quite stiff and will not bend easily.
  • Once this layer of enamel has cured, top with a clear layer for a smooth finish. It is best to do this in 2 layers as the fibres may float to the top and give a rough finish.
Paris Fibre Pendant

Using Angelina Fibres as a Sheet:

Angelina Fibres have a low melting point and are heat-bondable. They will easily bond to themselves or Fusible Film with the application of heat to create a luminescent web of non-woven fabric. Endless varieties of colour blends and densities can easily be achieved to create unique, sparkling surfaces that you can layer and cut into any shape.

  • Place a sheet of baking parchment on your ironing board and sprinkle the fibres over the parchment. you can mix colours and density to give a varied effect. 
  • Cover the fibres with another sheet of baking parchment and iron lightly on a medium setting. Check to see if the fibres are bonding together, over ironing will affect the colour of the fibres. I have found that using plain copy paper will suffice for this but it doesn't peel away from the paper quite as easily.
Angelina Fibre Sheets

Using Fusible Film In Resin:


Fusible Film is the same material as Angelina but in a sheet form. This iridescent film is stunning when used as it is but if a piece is crinkled, the various angles of the surface cause it to flash with bright colours. This film is very thin and partially transparent so you can use it in layers to increase your colour range.

  • For best effects, crinkle the film to create many angles that light can be reflected from.
  • Add a thin layer of enamel to your bezel (pendant mount).
  • Flatten the film down a little before placing it in into the bezel so it doesn't stand higher than the edges.
  • Let this cure overnight then add a layer of clear resin over the top for a smooth surface. Small drops of  transparent coloured resin add another depth of colour to your design.
Crinkle Film