Thixotropic Resin (CHEMSET ES 8124) 30g


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Thixotropic Resin (CHEMSET ES 8124) 30g

This resin is to be used with the Thixotropic hardener (CHEMSET ES 8221).

The Thixotropic resin is designed specifically to be used on curved surfaces.  It forms a thick coating that “sticks” to the surface and does not run off the edge or to the sides.

The Thixotropic enamel looks better when coloured as it is not entirely clear.

The enamel can be made thinner by using the low viscosity hardener (CHEMSET ES 8204) instead of the Thixotropic hardener.

If even less viscosity is required, the Thixotropic resin can be blended with the low viscosity resin (CHEMSET ES 8103).